Seasons of Change

God has been walking me through a season of seeing. For years I have sensed division among extended family but never could figure out why. Since family has always been important to me, my desire was to have close relationships where we not only love each other but actually look forward to spending time together and make it a priority. As the years go by, these moments seem to diminish year after year. People make excuses and no longer attend birthday celebrations, wedding or baby showers, extracurricular events, etc. It truly is heart breaking and I had to learn to accept that Thanksgiving and Christmas would be when we all get together.

Then God intervened and revealed the true reason for the division. You see, when the enemy starts feeding lies to create offenses, the family that doesn’t talk about issues loses. Relationships suffer, people get hurt, and hearts get broken, all because someone chooses to believe a lie instead of going to that person for clarity. In families where that individual decides to share the lie with everyone else except the person they are hurt or offended by, poison spreads, infecting the entire family unit.

When my eyes were opened to what was really happening, I approached it with love and understanding in an attempt to bring healing and reunite a family that was once very close. But just like everything in life, in order for healing to occur, all parties must: 1)Be willing to address the hurts, 2)Take ownership of the part they played, 3)Ask forgiveness/forgive others, and 4)Turn from those ways to pursue healthy relationships. Without doing so, offenses will continue and eventually destroy the entire family unit.

I received this word and it confirmed what I already knew. This was God teaching me how to deal with it.

“The Lord began to show me an attack tryIng to come against you through an individual. This person is sowing seeds of division. The Lord is about to remove the blinders so you can deal with this person. If you don’t deal with them they will poison those around you. There is no room for division, gossip, jealousy, lies, and backbiting amongst God’s holy people.”

“If people are causing divisions among you, give a first and second warning. After that, have nothing more to do with them. For people like that have turned away from the truth, and their own sins condemn them.” -Titus 3:10-11

This seems harsh, especially when it is family members causing such divisions but what I have learned through this process is my health and my children are more important than pretending nothing is wrong.

If you find yourself receiving revelation through my story, I pray that God will give you wisdom and specific instructions to help walk you down the road toward healing those relationships. Should the individual(s) make the choice to ignore your desire to create a healthy environment where the relationship can be repaired and grow, I pray God gives you peace to follow His instructions.

Kingdom living looks much different than worldly living and will require sacrifice. You will be misunderstood. You will feel rejected and abandoned in the beginning, but you won’t experience anything that Jesus didn’t endure first. Health in every area of life starts my choosing to do things His way!

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