On Mother’s Day this year, I created a Facebook post asking women in the Rockwall community to share their children using colored heart emojis. Blue represented boys, red was for the girls and yellow for all babies that went to Heaven way too soon (through miscarriage or stillbirths). The results were shocking and gut-wrenching.

More than half the women had lost not one but multiple babies in the womb. I personally reached out to several of the women letting them know how sorry I was for their loss. Through those conversations, I discovered many of them never went through any type of healing for such loss, grieving in silence.

As a woman who too has suffered from such loss, I longed for an opportunity to share the healing God imparted to me. That is when He gave me an idea.

I want to host a healing retreat where women come, are ministered to, go through a lesson and create an art piece in memory of their baby/babies in Heaven.

I’ve created a Facebook fundraiser to help make this dream a reality. Your donation will help to sponsor women to take this needed time toward healing.

For more information, please email Shannon at info@psalm91coaching.com. Please feel free to share and be in prayer that God sends women that are in desperate need of healing my way. God Bless!

If you would like to nominate a woman to receive this blessing, please fill out the contact form below.