On our journey through life, our paths will cross both wise and foolish people. The wise lead us towards truth and growth. The fool leads us to death and destruction. It is important we are able to discern the difference so here are a few tips if you aren't sure how to tell.

1. If you notice a person telling lies, they are the fool. Wise people speak truth.
2. If the person is angry and hot headed, stirring up trouble or using foul language when they get upset, they too are the fool. Wise people don’t let life’s disruptions or inconveniences cause them to act inappropriately. Anger is biblical but we are called not to sin in our anger. So if the angry person hits, throws things, cusses people out, calls people names, etc., that is foolishness.
3. A fool never listens to the advice of the wise. They think their way is the only way.
I hope these help you discern the difference. If you read this and discover you have acted like the fool, don’t be discouraged. We all have. The important thing is to recognize the behavior and figure out what the root issue is. Hurt people tend to hurt people. Seek out truth from those who have gained wisdom through life’s pains. Let them guide you into truth and I promise you will no longer be the fool.

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