No Quick Fix

Today it has been brought to my attention that we live in a day and age where people want a quick fix for everything. If we are unhealthy financially, we turn to credit cards to bail us out. If we find ourselves unhealthy physically, we look for the newest miracle pill to get us back on track and expect the weight to fall off within days with no effort on our part. If we are spiritually unhealthy, we go to church and expect someone to greet us at the door, take us in and provide what we so desperately are longing for. 
Their are no quick fixes. Getting healthy in every area of life takes persistence, setting goals, changing our way of thinking and doing things that produce results. 
If you are struggling financially, start by assessing where you are right now. How much is coming in and how much is going out? If there is more going out than in, figure out where you can cut back to avoid drowning in debt. We live in America and we all can scale down tremendously if we really wanted to. 
If your struggle is physical, figure out what your goals are. If it is to lose weight, look at what you are eating. A simple change in your diet and a simple exercise regimen may be all you need to change your life. If it is to start developing healthier eating habits, start by determining what you need to say no to and get those foods out of the house! 
If you are searching for something deeper in your spiritual life go straight to the source of life, God’s Word. Church is an amazing place to hear His word but you have to get plugged in. You can’t go once a week for one hour and expect to walk away renewed until the following Sunday. A simple way to start is by listening to Christian music every time you are in your car. You will be amazed at how God uses music to feed our souls. Another way is to reach out to someone who is further along in their walk with Christ than you. Ask questions. Seek Godly counsel. And most importantly, start praying. Prayer is the most valuable tool Christians have and many don’t realize that all it takes is a few moments to cry out to God to start seeing Him move. 
Life is a journey and growth in every area takes effort. Without it, we are destined to remain stuck and will never reach our goals or live our lives to our full potential.

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