In 2013, God put it on my heart to begin sharing my journey through healing with others so a blog was born.

God connected me with one person after another who were struggling through trials I had already walked through. Two years later, God gave me a bigger dream and the enemy came in to abort those plans, shaking me to my core. It was that test that birthed Psalm 91 Coaching.

During that season I kept finding feathers everywhere. Psalm 91:11 says, “God sends angels with special orders to protect you wherever you go, defending you from all harm.” Feathers were God reminding me that I was covered under the wings of the Almighty. As a result of that experience, I was set free from years of bondage and given wings to soar into the destiny God created me for.

I am a married mother of six and was blessed with a second chance at love. I have three daughters from my first marriage, two bonus-sons, and my husband and I have a daughter together. God has used my journey to prepare, equip, and train me to help others through emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse, divorce, financial hardship, miscarriage, depression, loss, and spiritual warfare. I now use the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired to help others break free from bondage, discover truth from God’s word, gain an understanding of who they are in Christ, and find true healing from life’s most difficult challenges.

Here I share my journey to encourage and give hope to those who read about them. God has transformed my tragedies into triumphs and He wants to do the same for you!